Procurement & Supply

We will take care of your all purchasing requirements.

Ranging from Industrial equipment, to machineries, and spare parts from top European manufacturers and suppliers, German Supplier will handle your purchasing need as we have connections in several industries to help us make the best set of decisions for your company. We are also specialists in supply chain management, and we are already serving several industries in more than 15 countries around the world.

We are authorized partners of various renowned European and German manufacturers. You can be rest assured that we understand that costing is an important factor, along with delivering a top-notch service within the required time, which is why we will work out your requirement from multiple sources to meet your expectation in terms of pricing and delivery time.

To support your procurement requirements, we have our own warehouse and logistics setup in Hamburg for sea and air shipments handling.

For your purchase inquiries and request for quotation please feel free to contact us:

Project Procurement

When working on a new industrial project like new Greenfield Cement Plant or a new manufacturing facility, an intensive planning and sourcing ahead of time is necessary as it helps to ensure the availability of equipment and material at required time for on time completion of project.

Our dedicated team with years of knowledge, coupled with an excellent infrastructure skill can take care of complete project management. We can plan ahead and source the best set of every material, equipment and resources that may be necessary for your project.

We can also perform complete technical and commercial evaluation of the material and products in order to ensure that we are providing you with the most cost effective solution. We can work in collaboration with your existing project management and purchase manager to improve the efficiency within allocated budget.

Maintenance and Shutdown Services

Having a scheduled Plant shutdown and maintenance is an important activity in order to perform necessary maintenance, repairs, replacing of equipment, and to perform effective internal maintenance. The plant is stopped for a limited period of time to perform the scheduled maintenance because it is not possible to make stoppage for intensive maintenance tasks during the routine operation and manufacturing process.

Plant shut-down and maintenance activity requires a high-level planning. We will efficiently source and procure every necessary parts and material that may be required during the maintenance period, from top European manufacturers and suppliers.

  • We will analyze and recommend maintenance activities that may be required during plant shut-down.
  • We work closely with end-user to ensure on time delivery of all equipment and spare parts required during shut-down.

We use our years of knowledge, skills and resources to plan ahead and place orders for the materials that may be needed.

We also help our clients with the supply of industrial equipment and spare parts during critical break-down. We are in contact with stockiest, distributors and multiple sources to offer required material from stock with minimum delivery time.

You can provide us with the list of your all maintenance activities and required materials, in order to plan and ensure availability of these materials during the maintenance period.

Warehouse and Logistics

German Supplier also offer complete services and solutions for warehouse and logistics requirement of your business. We can take care of your all shipping requirements. We can arrange pickup of multiple shipments from different sources to our warehouse and then ship them together to your designated location. If required we can carry out a thorough inspection of your material, while also re-packing and organizing them with regards to your requirement. If you require material from different vendors and suppliers then this is ideal solution to combine all material and make a single shipment to destination by air or sea.

For air-freight and sea shipment we offer the best, easy and flexible shipping procedure. We will also manage export declarations and export clearance for your shipment. We have dedicated team of logistics and freight forwarding which has years of experience in exports and imports.

In addition to above we can also arrange third party pre-shipment inspection of the material along with trans-shipments and returns.