Cement Industry

We provide complete range of equipment, machinery and spare parts for cement industry. We also provide products and services for the up-gradation and replacement of existing systems in cement plants. We are trustworthy single source for complete process and applications like material handling, grinding, process engineering, combustion and kiln alignment. In addition to above we also provide European origin material like chains, gearboxes, motors, hydraulics, conveyors, castings & foundry items to the cement industry.

Oil and Gas

We provide equipment and services for oil and gas production, refining and transportation.Our services here at German Supplier is trust worthy and spans worldwide as we serve several organizations in different countries around the world. Our team of experienced professionals will receive your specifications and we will supply the most efficient equipment that fits into your budget. We have built a professional and trusting reputation around the world which gives us the ability to source for any equipment that you may need. Our scope of supply includes Heat Exchangers, Vessels, reactor equipment, pumps, air heaters dust collectors, filters, compressors and valves for oil and gas industry.

Steel Industry

We are worldwide supplier of equipment and services for steel plants (melt shop and rolling mill). We support our customers with the design, manufacturing and supply of equipment for the Steel Industry like:

  • Scrap Treatment Plant
  • Electric Arc Furnace
  • Mini Blast Furnace
  • Ladle Furnace
  • Continuous Casting Machine
  • Fume De-dusting System
  • Hot Rolling Mill
  • Reheating Furnace
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Slag Treatment Plant
  • Auxiliary Equipment

Power Generation

German supplier has years of experience as a multiple service provider for Power Generation industry.We have maintained a very good relationship with sources that provide the industry with resources they need for the maintenance and effective operation of the plant. We provide machinery, spare parts, OEM products and engineering services.

Our role is also prominent in offering alternative and replacements for obsolete items. Especially, when the original manufacturer of product no longer exists then we can work out a suitable replacement with the help of our industry wide contacts to match your existing specifications.