About Us


German Supplier is a leading partner for companies and organisations all around the World, to perform business with top European manufacturers and suppliers, with the help of our team of dedicated professionals.

Our services are provided by Ecorporates GmbH, a German company based in Hamburg. For many years now, Ecorporates has been serving a wide range of customers from different sectors, including industries, engineering companies, EPC contractors, importers, suppliers, and trading companies from different countries.

We help our clients improve their current existing procurement and business model, as we are well aware of every requirement necessary to help our clients achieve their goals. We deal in the business of supplying and trading between our clients and top European manufacturers and suppliers.

Our years of technical know-how, as well as our influential connections in several industrial sectors and with top European suppliers and manufacturers is what  helps us stand out from others.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of services focused on comprehensive and complete project management. We can take care of your sourcing, purchasing, financing, warehousing and logistics from single source.

Here at German Supplier, we help our clients with:


Planning a project requires an intensive market analysis, clarification of user requirement specification, and the feasibility study of the project.

We work with top manufacturers and suppliers in Germany and Europe to procure most appropriate machinery, materials and spare parts for our clients.

We carry out an intensive research on your requirements to help you understand the technical and commercial aspects and risks related to the project.

Thanks to our relationship and connection with German and European Manufacturers and suppliers, we can source for, and order machineries, equipment, spare parts and materials with suitable terms and conditions.

We have a team of dedicated professionals readily available to assist you with after sales support and service. We also provide our clients with specialized warranty and maintenance services on call.

We provide our clients with complete installation support for equipment, machineries and plants. We also train and serve as consultant for our clients, to guide them through any and every installation process.

We assist our clients with the shipping of machinery, equipment and resources by air or sea. We have a personalised setup here in Hamburg for our client’s shipment. We will take care of every necessary document and process involved.

German supplier will manage payments on customers behalf. We conduct negotiations with specific banking partners, as well as compile an ideal financial strategy for our client. We also offer our clients short, medium or long-term export financing, either with own funds or in partnership with international banks.

Who can benefit from us?

Why Choose Us

Germansupplier provides the best services to her clients. Thanks to our years of experience and our team of dedicated professionals, we have the best set of skills and resources to provide an efficient, cost effective, and reliable services, products and solutions to our clients. We work with top German and European Manufacturers and suppliers, so our client are rest assured that they will be getting the best.

We also provide our clients with ideal and efficient solutions to all routine procurement and projects requirements.

We dedicate our resources to our client’s specific project while also solving their purchasing requirements by providing them with a professional and efficient procurement service.

We will setup your own project and purchasing facility here in Germany, and we will also provide you with our platform and all other required facilities, enabling you to plan and execute your routine business or new project.